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Jiu Jitsu Submission Grappling men's t-shirt

$ 26.85

Jiu Jitsu Submission Grappling men's t-shirt. This American Apparel t-shirt is the smoothest and softest t-shirt you'll ever wear. Made of fine jersey, it has a durable, vintage feel. These classic-cut shirts are known for their premium quality, as well as ability to stand up to a washing machine (will maintain size and color after many washes).

Why 1909? "Geo Omori opened the first jiu-jitsu / judo school in Brazil in 1909. He would go on to teach a number of individuals including Luiz França. Later, Mitsuyo Maeda was one of five of the Kodokan's top groundwork (newaza) experts that judo's founder Kano Jigoro sent overseas to demonstrate and spread his art to the world." Wikipedia

• Fine jersey
• Double stitched
• Made in the USA, sweatshop free

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